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      Important Airport Hacks Every Traveler Must Know

      We all know that airports are very busy. Travelers all around, left and right. Passengers do their best to get from point A to B with the least interruptions as possible.

      Here are some very necessary tips to make your journey as smooth as possible.

      1. Put your electronic devices on top of your hand carry bag. This avoids digging through your bag while in the security line.
      2. Have a portable weighing scale. This avoids having an overweight luggage and prevent you from paying extra dollars.
      3. Bring an empty bottle. You can only bring 100 mL of liquid through airport security. Fill this bottle with water after security and avoid the hefty price of bottled water in the airports.
      4. Bring a portable charger. This is very vital especially if you cannot find an open outlet at the airport.
      5. Tie a bright-colored ribbon on your luggage. This will easily help you identify your baggage.
      6. Don’t listen to your loud music. You might miss very important public announcements while doing so like gate number changes or flight delays.
      7. Pack the most important things in your hand carry. Even if you lose your luggage, you will still have your important documents with you. Also include your medications and phone chargers in your hand carry.
      8. Bring healthy snacks. This can save you a lot of money from buying expensive snacks in the airports.
      9. Bring a power strip. This allows you to charge multiple devices in the shortest time.
      10. Wear a pair of warm socks and bring a scarf or sweater. It can get a little cold on the plane and staying warm can make your flight more comfortable.
      11. Wear your eyeglasses instead of contacts. Your eyes and skin can feel dry during the flight. Bring a small bottle of hand lotion and eye drops to stay moisturized.
      12. Take a photo of your parking space, this helps you prevent where you parked.
      13. Bring wet wipes and hand sanitizers. The airplane tray tables and chairs are some of the dirtiest items on the plane, so avoid touching them until you have cleaned them.
      14. Download or print your boarding pass, airport map and destination map. This will save you time and being lost in the airport and at your destination.
      15. Take photos of your checked luggage. This helps if your luggage gets lost and easier for airport staff to identify and locate it.

      These are just some essential travel tips so always visit our website, like, subscribe and share for more important travel tips!

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