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      Simple Tips on how to prevent boredom during long Flight

      1) Bring sufficient reading materials. This will keep your mind away from the long wait and also stimulate your imagination (if you are reading a novel). A travel book is also wise to bring, especially if your destination country is new to you. It is a great time to learn the culture, the people and the best destination places of that country. For some people, reading relaxes the mind and eventually help you go to sleep.


      2) Bring an activity book. Be it a sudoku, crossword puzzle or word search books, these will also keep you busy during the trip.

      3) Download your favorite TV series or movies in your phone or laptop.

      4) Download a few music playlists on your phone and make sure you bring a good
      noise-reduction headset.

      5) Bring a few of your favorite snacks on board. Boredom can sometimes disrupt our mood and food is a good way to normalize it sometimes. Just make sure the ones you bring does not have any offensive odor or make those annoying noises when you much at them.

      6) Stand up and walk around in the plane. Sitting for straights hours can not only cause boredom, but for some, can put people at risk for DVT (deep vein thrombosis), wherein a clot can develop down our calf because of our prolonged sitting. Standing, walking and stretching every hour or two is very beneficial not only to our body to prevent stiff muscles but also brings mental relief.

      7) Make new friends. If you are up to it, and you feel that your seatmates are open to conversations during the trip, it is a good opportunity to meet new friends. We are social creatures and talking to someone keeps the boredom away. It is also a good way to expand your network. Just be sensitive with their feelings, as some passengers prefer their trip time to be “me time”, which means “leave me alone” time. Be wary, if they wear headphones, it is most likely they just want to be left alone or might ne preparing to sleep.

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